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You have spent years growing your company, and today it’s probably worth more than ever. Even if you haven’t considered it before, now may be a great time for you to think about selling your business.

Access is the largest privately-held and most dynamic company in the records and information management industry. Our clients think of us as a partner, our team members love working here, and the communities in which we operate recognize us as a valuable contributor.  We take pride in being a consistent supporter of the records and information management industry and related trade organizations. In fact, we are passionate about the records and information management industry. And as our more than 120 acquisitions prove, we are always looking for partners who share our passion.

Why have so many records business owners chosen to sell to Access?

We work to develop the deal quickly and close the cash transaction sometimes within weeks. We provide assistance in minimizing your tax burden, and we can provide you with long-term rental income if you own your real estate.

As an owner your concern is your employees and clients.

Access will provide your clients will the same high level of service they have come to expect from you. We will provide expanded capabilities along with a national and international footprint to serve them wherever they do business. Your valued employees will enjoy new and expanded benefits as members of the Access team including significant opportunities to grow their careers either locally or in another Access market.

Please contact one of our Corporate Development Advisors to discuss the Access purchase model and learn just how valuable your company is today.

My commitment as your personal advisor: To optimize opportunity for everyone involved.

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Cindy Barrios | Midwest Region and Southeastern Regions and Canada | 925.493.9278 |

Briney Ramirez | Caribbean, Central and South America | 615.487.1283 |

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