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Access Notifi helps you ensure that your critical business information, including financial documents, IT credentials and more, are not freely circulating where criminals can use it against you.

Notifi provides you with the opportunity to upload up to 50 of your organization’s sensitive business credentials (such as credit card numbers, bank accounts, account login information, Federal EIN, and other personally identifiable information) to the Notifi secure database. Automated search robots and trained staff members can then search through millions of internet sites, including illicit newsgroups, IRC servers, black market forums, chat rooms, bulletin boards and other black market web pages, to gather and securely store as much relevant data as possible before running pattern matching formulas and proprietary algorithms to evaluate and classify the results. Once complete, the black market monitoring and surveillance service will correlate and match the scrubbed and classified data with your customer profile to determine if your data has been found compromised.


Business Credential Monitoring Flow


How does business credential monitoring work? 

When a subscribed client’s personal or business information is found on the black market, an alert will be sent via email and text message. Details can then be viewed within their secure Identity Care Account. Armed with this information directed action can be taken to limit risks and prevent fraud.

For additional information about subscribing to Notifi, please call Access Client Care at 1 888 869 2767.

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