Data Breach Preparation

Breaches happen. Be prepared to respond quickly and effectively

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Every business must assess whether their incident response plan includes comprehensive information security and governance procedures. A lack of preparedness increases your risk of fines, as well as civil, criminal and class action lawsuits, lost sales, impaired business reputation, and potential incarceration.


Access Notifi Ensures You Are Prepared

If your organization experiences a suspected data loss, an Access Notifi representative will conduct a comprehensive assessment to determine whether an actual breach occurred and, if one has, its nature and extent. The representative will also discover which federal and state notification requirements you must meet in response.

Access NotifiTMĀ  is an Access solution provided by Vero.

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Within 48 hours of being alerted your Access Notifi representative will:

Create a customized data breach response plan

The plan will include a dedicated point of contact, a detailed timeline and recommended communication plans for:

  • Notification letters to governmental agencies and affected consumers
  • Employee talking points, public relations statements and FAQs for the general public and other stakeholder groups
  • Website messaging and call center scripting

How Do I Use Access Notifi?

When a subscribed Access client suspects a loss or theft of data, one toll-free call to Notifi sets the process in motion. Live operators are available 24/7/365.


For additional information about subscribing to Notifi, please call Access Client Care at 1 888 869 2767.

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