Offsite Storage

Protection and security for your information and assets

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Govern, manage and protect your information across its entire lifecycle

Your business produces an ever growing amount of information critical to your success.  You also face an increasingly complex regulatory landscape with stringent compliance and document retention requirements with fines and penalties for failure.

We can help from end-to-end with support for your information governance program, secure offsite records and document storage, secure destruction services, offsite tape vaulting and more.

Records Management

Store, manage and securely destroy your physical records in one of our highly secure off-site storage centers.

Our storage facilities and vaults are PRISM Privacy+ Certified and offer advanced security and fire suppression technology to ensure your records are always protected.

FileBRIDGE Records

Control your stored documents and strengthen your compliance.

FileBRIDGE Records makes it easy to request service and have full visibility into your inventory stored with Access.

Offsite Media Vaults

Secure your electronic media and vital records with climate-controlled vaults so your backups and recovery tools are viable and available when you need them most.

Underground Vaults

Limestone vaults add an extra layer of security for irreplaceable items, safe from natural and man made disasters.

Regulatory Compliance

Leverage our expertise and tools to ensure your risks are well managed and your retention and destruction policies are in compliance with today’s ever changing regulatory landscape.

Project Management

Large records and records conversion projects require world-class project management support.  We have the expertise and experience to help you when you need it most.

Information Governance Solutions

Stay in control of and fully govern  your information with a pragmatic information management policy grounded in a strong legal foundation.

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