FileBRIDGE Records

Control your stored documents and strengthen compliance

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Manage stored documents with FileBRIDGE Records

Key Features

Manage records and gain visibility into your inventory to analyze and take action.  FileBRIDGE Records provides complete document control while strengthening compliance and making it easy to implement your retention policies. 

  • Search for Records
  • Add New Records
  • Request a Pickup
  • Request Service
  • Run Reports on Your Information

Additional support is available 24/7 for regular and urgent retrievals.

Leverage the value of your information


AccessREPORTS allows clients to run various reports across their inventory.  With different templates including Inventory Reports, Destruction Eligible Items and Lists of Authorized Users, you can:

  • Increase user adoption through a simple interface
  • Gain visibility into your off-site records 24/7
  • Maintain compliance through chain–of–custody
  • Save time and increase information security


Make smart business decisions by analyzing your information, from the moment a document is created until the end of its life cycle.


AccessMETRICS provides you with easy and direct access to valuable data, and analytics about the records you maintain with Access, whenever you need it.

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