Chain of Custody

Secure destruction of paper and electronic documents

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Total security for your archive - at all times.

Each Access facility is governed by strict chain-of-custody procedures. Archived documents will have a unique identifier attached, allowing you to track where and when the document is at all time.   Whenever an item is retrieved, accessed, or distributed, this information goes into the permanent unique record for that item.

Proof of Protection - every step of the way

Chain of custody benefits

  • Complete visibility and control over your assets’ location.
  • Only you know the location of your assets.
  • Controlled access to all facilities.
  • End-to-end oversight on asset retrieval.  Prior identity verification required.

Chain of Custody Flow

  1. Service request is generated.  Client emails for additional service.
  2. Shred work automatically generates.
  3. Work orders populate for scheduling.  Routes are downloaded to handheld scanners.
  4. Destruction Center Transportation Specialist (DCTS) arrives at client’s facility with locking security container.
  5. DCTS verifies barcode or unit and scans client’s locking security container.
  6. Service information is capture and confirmed with handheld scanner
  7. Handheld scanner captures client’s electronic signature
  8. Locking security container is security transported to either Access plant (with GPS) or vehicle for destruction.
  9. Scanner data is uploaded and work order is completed
  10. Shredded material is loaded into 40′ containers and shipped to paper mill, completing chain of custody
  11. Client receives Certificate of Destruction to ensure documents have remained in compliance throughout destruction  Automated invoice sent for payment.

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