Spend more time on people and strategy, not paperwork.

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Employee document management software built for HR

CartaHR is command central for fast, secure, compliant access to all your employee documents in the cloud, synced with your HRIS or HCM.

No more misplaced documents or searching across locations for the information you need. CartaHR enables you to access all of your documents anywhere in the world with the touch of a button, saving you time and increasing efficiencies to help make your job easier.

Automate time-consuming paper processes

CartaHR applies intelligent document management processes to automate your workflow and help you be more productive.

Classify, file, and route documents securely and accurately with no human intervention, so you can focus on people and strategy, not paperwork.

Maximize security to protect your sensitive employee information

Securely share files with employees, managers, and third-party auditors with ease and confidence using our configurable employee document management application.

We give you the control to manage who has access and when, with a detailed audit trail of all actions taken on each document.

Manage and maintain compliance

Always be audit-ready with our compliance dashboard so you can monitor your important employee documents and certifications and proactively stay ahead of your compliance requirements—no more missing or expired files when you need them most.

CartaHR’s built-in tools enables you to manage your documents according to your retention policy, including GDPR functionality, to ensure you maintain documents as long as you need to and no longer.


Easily integrate with your existing systems

CartaHR integrates with your HCM, HRIS or other HR point solutions, merging data and collecting HR documents from multiple systems to save you time and avoid errors.

No longer will you need to search across multiple applications to create a complete employee file. Our software collects information from your existing applications and automatically updates document metadata to make searches more efficient and secure.


We’ve been extremely pleased with CartaHR. Customer service has been excellent, and the platform itself is extremely user-friendly, making it easy to share and manage employee files across multiple locations.

Stacie Novosel,

System Director for Compensation and HRIS

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